about Renùue

Hailing from the far east, Renùue is a Chinese artist and tattooist currently based in New York City. Renùue works in her own private studio, where the main projects are painting and tattooing.

In Renùue’s tattoo art, she combines the work with contemporary art styles and traditional oriental aesthetics, breaking away from the old school  design and developing her own new tattoo philosophy. In Renùue's work, full of soft lines and dreamy color scheme; halo, pearls, droplets are Renùue's classic design elements, these dream-like shimmering design, making your tattoo more unique and attractive.

Floral, botanical, butterfly and abstract designs are Renùue's specialties, and she uses extremely fine needles to create these intricate and delicate designs. Of course, Renùue is also very good at custom designs and is willing to experiment with various styles and types of tattoos. Renùue is happy to listen to the client's story and create a unique, meaningful and beautiful artwork for each individal.

Thank you for trusting and choosing R as your tattoo artist, she is confident that she will complete your tattoo art - whether it is a tiny and exquisite design or a bold and large-scale design, she will always bring you a comfortable and enjoyable tattoo experience.


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